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Real Estate Writing Examples

Updated: Apr 15

The Tahome Marketing team has an expertise in real estate marketing, from consulting real estate agents to multi-billion dollar developments.

#1 Long-Form Content Examples

Mountainside at Northstar is a slope-side community at Northstar California Resort. Homes range from $2M to $5M+ in this luxury community and are targeted towards a very specific outdoor adventure family. Mountainside magazine is a high-end publication distributed to over 10k households and businesses and features timely and in-depth coverage on Northstar, Truckee and the surrounding area.

Carlynne has helped with content direction and creation for Mountainside Magazine since 2016. The 2020 issue was entirely created and written by Carlynne featuring 14 articles, interviews, insiders guides and local development updates.

See Full 2019 Issue Here

See Full 2020 Issue Here

#2 Blog Content Examples

These posts were all written for Tahoe Mountain Realtor, a luxury home specialist in Truckee, CA.

Real Estate Glossary

A Guide to Buying a Home

Tips for Home

Sellers in Tahoe

Complete Real Estate Blog

#3 Lead Generation Content & Campaign Example

The number one barrier for real estate agents are a lack of leads. Without a way of attracting qualified and interested clients, the agent simply cannot make money. In order to attract prospective clients, we helped an agent in the luxury real estate space create and distribute lead generation content based on the specific target audiences behaviors and needs.

Step 1 - Explainer Video: An engaging video was created and distributed to capture the attention of the target audience in a fun and creative way leading the viewer to want to learn more.

Step 2 - Downloadable PDF: A targeted content document was created that housed useful and hard-to-find information that spoke directly to a potential real estate investor.

Step 3 - Email & Re-targeting Advertisements: Users were served ads that were specific to their interests and location for real estate.

Step 4 - Deals Closed! Using this targeted and informational strategy to capture the attention of his target audience, the real estate agent began receiving qualified leads, eventually converting them into sales.