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Lake Tahoe: Women On Patrol

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

This post was originally written for Northstar California Resort's "Tahoe Ascent" blog which was sunset in October 2019. Carlynne created, managed and won an industry gold medal award for her writing and marketing of the blog in January 2017.

It takes a certain kind of person to be a ski patroller. It is a physically and mentally demanding job that becomes a way of life for those who chose to wear the red jacket. They are out on the mountain every day throughout the winter ski season, making the important decisions that keep skiers and riders safe.

At Northstar California, the ski patrol crew is made up of an incredible group of women working in a typically male-dominated field. And many of them are pursuing degrees or licensure in medicine or firefighting, in addition to patrolling, fully embracing the culture of the mountain in all areas of their life. Check out the following story of six of Northstar's female ski patrollers to find out what job love really is.

Luca. 15 years on patrol.

"As a mother, the community support I get from this group that extends to my son and my family is incredible. Whether there is something going on at work or there is something going on at home, we have the support of our patrol community."

// Luca

Kolina. 8 years on patrol. Northstar Patrol Lead.

"I helped co-found the Northstar Avalanche Rescue Dogs Program. It's a super rewarding and challenging experience working with dogs. In addition to my own dog, Ruckus, I've helped two handlers train puppies, Micah and Yuma (shown here) that are now out on the hill."

\\ Kolina

Kathryn. 1 year on patrol.

Natali. 8 years on patrol.

Jenny. 1 year on patrol.

Nicole. 4 years on patrol

"I recently received my certification as a paramedic, and while I was going through my internship and all of my training I was really ahead of the game with all of my experience here on the hill. Being on Ski Patrol has really influenced my choice to pursue a career in EMS (Emergency Medical Services)."

// Nicole