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Event Marketing Examples

Updated: Apr 10

The Northstar Team Foundation is a non-profit supporting the Ski & Snowboard Teams Program at Northstar California Resort in Truckee, CA. The foundation provides dedicated hill space for athletes, financial support for Northstar coaches to pursue development opportunities, and scholarships for athletes on the Northstar Competitive Teams.

And in order to provide this funding, they require significant donations from the parents, supporters and businesses who are just as passionate about investing in ski and snowboard education and development.

The Foundation approached Tahome Marketing to help plan a fundraising auction event with the goal of raising $100,000.

How Tahome Marketing Supported the Northstar Teams Foundation & Helped Sell-Out Their Event + Raise Well Over The Fundraising Goal:

Branding - Creation of the events name, logo and color palette:

Promotional Materials - Creation and distribution of postcards, flyers, posters, emails and social media ads:



Social Media Ad Email Marketing

Donor and Sponsor Outreach - Tahome facilitated the communications, organization and management for donor and event sponsors, filling all table sponsorships from $500 - $5,000 per table and collecting over 100 silent auction and 10 live auction items valued at over $50,000.

Day Of Event Coordination & Management - The event experience was entirely planned and executed by Tahome Marketing. From the speciality cocktails to the on-screen presentation to the event layout and design, Tahome handled it all.

The event was sold out 3 weeks in advance (150 tickets at $150 each) and both the silent auction and the live auction netted the Foundation over $150,000 in fundraising efforts which was not only over their goal, but above and beyond their expectations as well.

"Carlynne was absolutely invaluable to the success of this event and we will absolutely being user her again for the next event." - 2020 Board Member

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