Case Study

A Silicon Valley startup founder wants to capture the attention of parents nationwide by offering them a product that she thinks will make them better parents and ultimately make parenting easier

The Problem 

Parents are the most targeted group on the internet today - they purchase things both for themselves and their children, often feel pressured to keep up with trends and go through several life stages in the shortest amount of time (marriage, children, buying homes, etc.) And their children have a profound impact on their spending habits. So with the biggest players in the game like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target spending billions to capture their attention, how do the smaller guys get a piece of the pie as well?

The data-driven creativity that was delivered to us made it a really fun partnership where we could learn and grow at the same time

The Solution 

Capturing the attention of parents with yet another 'life changing secret weapon' to parenting was not an easy task. Our approach to tackling this problem was to create a step-by-step plan with plenty of room for research, optimization and learning along the way.  Each step built upon the next step, allowing for us to quickly and efficiently measure for success and be efficient with the budget. Here is a snapshot of the process: 

Building the Brand: Massive lists were built comparing competitors, similar platforms and other successful parenting brands. These lists were analyzed to create research surveys, brand positioning and marketing tactics. From there the 'Brand Book' was built which housed the foundation for the brand's name, colors, language, photography style and design aesthetic, and was the guideline for the brand moving forward. 

Visual Identity is as important as Product Functionality:  The functionality of the company's website worked seamlessly, but the same could not initially be said for the user experience. Aligning the websites design with its functionality garnered an immediate 25% increase in sales, which continued to rise month over month. 

Exploring Several Marketing Tactics: We had to authentically engage with parents, which meant standing out to the most targeted group in the world with a new brand and new idea. Tactics ranged from partnering with parenting groups, to creating unique content for established blogs, to working directly with local schools. Each tactic was measured and continually optimized. 

A Data-Driven Campaign was Launched: The Brand Book was the guiding light, the website was the polished product and the research and partnership insights were the foundation that helped us create the 'Super Parents' campaign. The campaign encapsulated the brands playful spirit, the products value proposition and the realization that parents just want to feel like 'good parents' at the end of the day. 


Established as #1 platform in their category/industry

The Results


Increase in Social Engagement


Secured First Round of Funding

This partnership allowed the founders to:

  • own a solid brand with long-term and sustainable guidelines to use for years down the road

  • maintain a successful marketing campaign fully aligned with the brand vision and goals

  • take multiple week-long vacations with their families 

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