Case Study

Female entrepreneurs break into a male-dominated and highly saturated market to bring a more curated experience to their community

The Problem 

After various jobs in the health and wellness industry, a female power duo decided it was time to put their collective 35+ years of experience into their own business. They came to Tahome with the vision to offer fully curated and adventure-filled health & wellness experiences with equal parts fun and exercise, but didn't quite know where or how to launch such a unique business. 

With Carlynne's help, the vision I had for so many years was turned into a brand, a business and really, a dream come true.

The Solution 

The passion for health and wellness from these women was infectious and their vision for this joint venture was clear, so it was our job to help them break through the already saturated "fitness" market and make a splash right out of the gate with experiences like no other. You only get one first impression after all. 

Define the Target Audience: Tahome collected and analyzed local and industry research, as well as conducted multiple workshops to narrow down the target audience to one well-defined persona to craft the business around. This established a cohesive brand and avoided any consumer confusion as the new and unique business made their big debut. 

Connect with your Audience: A website was created, thoughtfully crafted content was written and an online store was launched. Facebook and Google advertising supported the launch, as well as a launch party featuring other local small businesses where the new brand established themselves in the community. Consumers were authentically introduced to the new company both online and in-person creating viral buzz and excitement for the new venture. 

Partner with the Pros: By creating partnerships with already established authorities in the health & wellness space, this team was able to leverage the partner brand's credibility, database and influence. 

Product Optimization: Implementing routine customer feedback allowed us to capture valuable information and quickly optimize the product pricing, packaging and value propositions early in the growth phase. 


Class Bookings in First 3 Months

(100% over goal)

The Results


Strategic & Local Partnerships Formed


Client Lifetime Value Increase Above Initial Goal

Private event inquiries, sold out classes and multi-year partnerships are just the beginning of the successes this client has seen over the past year. Both ladies were able to leave their corporate jobs and pursue the dream of owning their own business full-time under a year after launch. 

This partnership allowed the owners to:

  • scale back work to 3 days/week, allowing for more family and travel time

  • get featured in local business directories as top-rated vendors

  • partner with other local small businesses and support their beloved community 

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