Who are some clients you are currently working with?

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You mention a lot of marketing tactics in your services, what do they all mean?

Brand Guidelines: A set of rules for how your company's brand 'works'. Brand guidelines ensure consistency and provide anyone tasked with working on or at the company with information, templates and a set of standards when referring to the brand.

In-Store Design: From the website to your social media presence to your in-store design, the

consumer should feel as though it is one cohesive experience. Brand recall is the most influential factor for increasing brand loyalty.

Sales Strategy: Creation of a sales plan customized to your business including product analysis, industry research, pricing evaluation and business development opportunities in order to maximize sales.

Photography: Upgrade your website, engage your social media audience and create more high-end promotional materials with professional photography of your products and consumer experience for powerful visual storytelling.

Content Marketing: Creation of unique content intended to engage, inform and persuade target audience to buy products and/or services in several different formats, such as blog posts, social posts, infographics, videos and more. Unique content creates authority in your industry and has a powerful trickle down effect on increasing sales. 

Email Programs: Development (or restructuring) of consumer facing email communications. Includes creation of targeted lists, revenue driving email messaging and deployment of editorial calendar and scheduling. Email is without question the best revenue generating marketing tool.

Do you have any professional certifications or accolades?