Case Study

 A former corporate executive left a comfortable job to pursue a business opportunity with the main motivation for the endeavor being to simply spend more time with her family

The Problem 

A local organic food & juice shop had just come under new ownership in late 2018 and the new owners had grand visions of becoming a staple in their small town who’s community thrived on an active, outdoor and healthy lifestyle. The shop already served a small, but loyal following with their organic food and cold-pressed juice menu. But the new owners wondered if their location was too limiting, how they could increase sales and how to extend their reach into more of the community.

Carlynne was able to turn our first-time business owner concerns into clearly articulated and actionable plans for how to quickly grow our business 

The Solution 

We kicked off this project with research - if the goal was to integrate into their community, increase their local customer base and effectively sell more products, then we had to find out what the community wanted and was willing to support. This research revealed that over 90% of locals wanted more healthy and quick food options in the community, but when asked if they had tried the shop, the main feedback was either that the shop was too far out of town, or they had simply never heard of it.  From there, it was clear the desire was there, but the brand awareness and product offerings needed to be optimized to meet consumer feedback. 

Create a Visual Identity: A curated photography session including local scenery and landscape was the first step in introducing the shop to the local community in an authentic and memorable way. The new imagery was used for the website, social media, advertising and various store and product promotions. 

An Online Introduction: The website was completely overhauled with the new imagery, updated product information, an online store and daily specials. Details on ingredients, speed of service, pre-ordering options and local partners were all added to the site as well, which were all areas of interest found through the research. 

Expanded Product Options & Service: By offering pre-orders online and adding detox packages to the product line-up the shop began to increase daily sales by 30%+.  A new delivery program was launched allowing the shop to fully serve their entire community, while also paving the way for a much larger presence throughout town.


New Local Employees

The Results


Increase in Sales YoY


Increase in Website Traffic

Website traffic, sales and owner happiness was through the roof just a few months into the partnership. 

New and cohesive branding from their website to their in-store design and the new product line-up created a stronger and more recognizable brand - even garnering them some positive earned media. 

Increase in revenue allowed owners to:

  • spend less time in the shop & more time with family

  • acquire newer and more efficient equipment

  • hire more local employees

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